Female Foeticide

Female feticide is truly a curse on the Indian society. There is known belief and saying that child is a gift of God but does everyone take it as a gift? Yes, people do consider it as a gift but only if that happens to be a boy. The joy of parenthood, the emotion attached to the gift, and the blessing parents feel are all lost and vanished when the child happens to be girl. If child is a gift or a blessing then why girls are not considered the same? Why there is injustice done to them?

It is believed that in countries like India there are millions of girls who are killed as soon as they are born. Furthermore, the most disturbing situation is that many girls are murdered even before they take their first breath. Though sex detection is prohibited in India, there are illegal health care facilities that still offer services related to sex detection. Sadly, if the ultrasound reports narrate the story of a sweet little tiny fairy, she is killed in the womb without any consideration and thought.

The private fetal sex determination facility was known to establish first in Haryana, Punjab, and Delhi where such cases have much higher rate than any other state in the country. It’s even more alarming to know that the rate of abortion or female feticide is more in urban areas than in rural areas and villages. This means even educated and civilized people are significantly contributing to the issue. If such people don’t give an end to the issue then it’s really difficult and challenging to spread awareness amongst those who are illiterate.

There are many preventive measures and actions that can be taken against the prevailing issue. The first and foremost thing is to ensure strict implication of existing legislation. Apart from this more of public awareness is required with a purely scientific and humanist approach. Every individual and NGO can also make their contributions to educate the public on this matter and strengthen the status of women in the society.

What is the fault of that tiny girl who is stopped from venturing the world? What harm has her innocence done to anyone? Then why they are killed brutally? Don’t you feel with this issue being persistent in the country, there is a big hypocrisy prevailing in the country? Definitely yes! At one end of the spectrum our society worships Goddess Durga, Kali, and Lakshmi whereas at the other end society is putting an end to the entry of women in the society. There is no hesitation while performing this brutal act and after the act there is no guilt. Don’t you think if this continues the world will come to end? How can the so called powerful and strong men forget the biological fact that if the life of females come to an end, how will men take birth in this world?

There are so many questions being raised against the atrocities committed against women in the society. None of us are able to resolve the issue and build a better nation full of purity and sincerity. Since childhood, women are suffering from various violations and atrocities including dowry deaths, lack of nutrition, lack of education, maternal mortality, and above all female feticide has surpassed all the other suffering. With these the life of a female in the Indian society has become painful and pitiful.

Erosion of gender bias definitely needs an urgent call!

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