Gender Violence

Gender violence is a common problem prevailing in almost all the developing countries. Even in India the issue continues unabated creating many hassles and challenges for the social growth. The age old cultural beliefs and tradition have identified various issues of gender-based violence that over the period of time has become a major cause of harassment faced by the women.

The very first issue faced by the women is the marital torture. In the Hindu Law marriage is a religious and sacred knot tied between two bodies, minds, and souls. It is a pure relationship shared between the two then why this high level of purity is subsided by the society. Peep into your family and judge whether your wife, mother, or sister is sharing the same joys and peace of mind as the men of the house? The alleged inability of women to perform all the household duties and responsibilities has triggered the violence. Despite of working with all effort and dedication, they are not able to meet the satisfaction level of their husband and in-laws. Is it that the pressure is more or is it that she is not able to fulfill the said requirements? Time is witness to the heavy job duties and extra responsibilities performed by a woman. In all ways she is physically abused by the tortures of the in-laws, over work at home, taking care of the children, and keeping into mind the needs and demands of every family member. But in return who is taking care of her?

Wife is described as a life-partner but is she actually a partner or has just become a perfect material to serve the man? Since women have taken birth on this earth, she is serving the house without being bothered about her own health and happiness. Some women are even burnt to ashes in lieu of their parent’s failure to fill the pockets of their in-laws. Dowry deaths have become a common and a serious issue these days.

Apart from this, women of the country are also put forward to other social issues like lower education rate, lack of economic independence, and certain values and beliefs operating against them. When the educational rate is lower then definitely their moving out of the four walls is restricted. Lack of education gives them a pathetic lifestyle as they are not aware of the health issues, basic necessities of living, and also unaware of proper nutrition. Lack of education is a major cause of many other social issues that have greatly pressurized womanhood from all aspects of life. There are few women who earn education these days and go out to work but sadly they don’t have a right on their own earning as well. Whatever they earn is also taken away by the husband or the in-laws making them completely dependent.

Researches and reports from the National Crime Records Bureau states that the gender violence in the country is increasing despite of all the measures and initiatives taken by the government and social institutions. According to the report in the year 1999, about 15468 women were raped, 6699 women were killed over dowry, 32311 cases of molestation, 8858 cases of sexual harassment, and 4382 cases of domestic violence. These days even the issue of importation of girls has crippled the society with its damaging and disturbing effects.

In this male dominated society woman is ill-treated since ages and looked upon as a commodity that is used when completely functional and thrown away when fail to function properly. Her independent identity, dignity, self-respect, and pride are all robbed by the society triggering the violence against women. India is growing with leaps and bounds in all aspects and even the economy is progressing but sadly the issue is still prevailing in most areas of the country.

Does anyone have an answer to all these atrocities committed against women? Can anyone give an end to this? Does anyone have the heart to fight for women’s rights and gift them a free, happy, and healthy life? If yes, then move ahead and fight against this ever increasing crime of this country.