Indian Women and Nutrition

Malnutrition is defined as a health condition caused by lack of proper nutrition and well-balanced diet. Human body requires a mix blend of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids in an appropriate ratio to ensure proper and smooth functioning of all the human systems. If this requirement is not met, the person suffers from variety of diseases and ill health.

The problem of malnutrition and lack of food intake is more reported with girls and women of the society. Girls belonging to the lower middle class or those below the poverty line suffer the most when it comes to fulfill the demand of adequate nutrition. In the poor families the income is limited that is not even sufficient to fulfill the basic needs of life. Whatever such families have in terms of income and nutrition is given to the male siblings without any consideration to the health of the girls.

It is a known fact that women are more prone to nutritional deficiency because of the kind of reproductive cycle they have and because of the extra amount of household work they perform. The work pattern and the pressure on them demands for more food but sadly their basic need is not met. Adolescent girls grow at a faster rate and they need good amount of proteins, vitamins, and calcium to ensure healthy growth and development. Improper food makes them weak and can become the cause of various diseases like anemia, weak immunity, hypothyroidism, goiter, blindness, and even death.

Pregnant women also needs more of nutrition as they have to bring up themselves in a healthy manner along with providing good nutrition to a new life developing in their womb. In such cases low food intake and lack of nutrition rebounds on the society by causing major health issues to the offspring be it a girl or a boy. Low birth weight is a common problem noticed with mothers having improper diet. This further leads to cognitive impairment, developmental problems, and can even be a cause of infant deaths.

Malnourished women also put an impact on the national economy as lack of nutrition greatly reduces the ability of women to work, and strength of women to endure sufferings. In all ways it is greatly affecting the productivity of women. It affects both physical and emotional health of women that eventually leads to economic losses both for the family and the country.

The unfortunate part is that despite of the continuous progress and growth of the country’s economy, women are still living a life full of misery and pain. Researches and reports have dictated that in the recent years the per capita food consumption rates in the country have drastically increased but even then women are not able to get sufficient nutrition.

With malnutrition amongst women, the society is facing a tough time. There should be initiatives and actions taken against the issue to ensure that even women can enjoy the right to adequate nutrition and live a healthy life. Think from the other end of the spectrum that if women of the society will get good food to eat and stay healthy then eventually they’ll be able to serve more, love more, and live more.