Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is the most disturbing, threatening, and violating form of violence against women. In all areas of life women are overthrown and suppressed by men with their power and masculine behavior. In media one such case is reported every week and so many women are put down to knees with embarrassment and depression. Apart from the known reports on media there are many hidden and thrown away cases where the dignity of a woman is squeezed out of the soul and they are left with deep psychological marks.

There are various forms of sexual harassment including the quid pro quo, hostile work environment, and violation of human rights. Quid pro quo is a Latin term that means exchange of goods or services in equal amount or degree. As the term implies, it is a form of harassment that seeks sexual favors in return of work benefits like promotion, less pressurized work, and increase of salary. This is the most explicit kind of behavior in the modern era where many consent the proposal in order to quench their need of money and status. Hostile work environment is a more persistent form wherein physical contact, staring at women, uncivilized remarks, and indecent images make the environment worst and hostile to work in. Violation of human rights directly caters to any kind of acts that defines sexual harassment, rape, and sexual abuse. With all this how can be woman be free and secure in her own country? The security and dignity of women especially at workplace is at stake if all this continues years after.

Does anyone have an idea what kind of impact this kind of abuse leave on a woman’s hart and mind? If no then speak to the victims of sexual harassment. They are the best speakers to narrate their story of insult, threat, terror, and depression. After that one disgusting incident in their life they continuously live in an atmosphere of peril and fear. The feeling of rejection, insecurity, and insult suck out their souls. Till date there are many women in the country who have endured such kind of harassment. Out of these countless, some start living a dead life, some throw away all their dreams and desires, some take up loneliness as their best companion, and some even take up the act of suicide as their last resort.

Does all this happen to prove the power of men? Or it takes place to show women that they are weak and subjugated? Women are no longer weak and one should never make a mistake of considering them a material to be used and throw away. They have complete right to live their life in a free, joyful, and secured environment. Give them that freedom and let India be a safe country for women to reside.

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