Freelance Writing Jobs

If you are one among the people who has been looking for a part time job and has gone through the routine of diligently looking up the Classifieds ranging from the Times of India to the Midday every morning over your steaming cup of coffee/tea or run a million endless search routines on the internet, and not to forget the good old online job sites, then you might just relate to what I have to say further.

If you have managed to meander through the clutter of jobs claiming you can earn lakhs per month growing milky mushrooms (mind you, not lakh, but lakhs per month!!!!), or the ones which term multi level marketing (a slick term for simply widening the network of a dead business) as Part time jobs, and of course the ones which claim to be data processing jobs but are more interested in the initial registration fee (ranging from Rs. 750 to Rs. 3000) you will be paying them, then you might not have noticed a little unpretentious ad in the corner about freelance writing. And of course you went past it like it never existed. Reasons: First, because it didn’t claim to make you a lakhpati in a months’ time. Second, because you don’t by miles trust yourself to even write a coherent letter to your parents or siblings, so how in heaven’s name can you propose to find money in writing?

But did you know that Freelance writing could be done by almost anyone. It does not require any set of so called specialized skills in writing. The word writing is in this case highly misleading. It conjures up in the unsuspecting innocent mind images of serious writers poring over pages in a trancelike state scribbling away in an inspired moment. But freelance writing is simply like making conversation to a friend, only also penning it down and sending it to someone who can use it. It is yet another tool of marketing used by the people who will pay you for the writing.

In a career as a freelance writer, one can find a lot of flexibility in terms of timings and also the place of work. You could be anywhere and doing anything else and yet make money with a freelancing job.

And what’s more, there are various options within the broad area that you can explore. Read on to know more about the options available:

1. Freelance Copywriter

2. Freelance Resume Writer

3. Freelance Technical Writer

4. Freelance Health Writer

5. Freelance Travel Writer

6. Freelance Story Writer

7. Freelance Column Writer

8. Freelance Content Writer

Phew!!!! From all these options there will definitely be one where you have some personal opinions to offer and therefore shall be successful in writing a piece on the required topic. And if your eye has not become attuned to pick out the posts on freelance writing so far, avoid the milky mushrooms and train your amateur eye to focus on opportunities on Freelance writing. This is where the stable and guaranteed money is.